Traveling to the United States can jumpstart your hospitality career! This is your opportunity to get started at a USA luxury hotel. We support you through the visa process and provide support when traveling to the United States. Many aspects of your journey will be the same no matter which country you’re coming from — but there will be some differences. If you are a qualified Hospitality Student, Graduate or Young Professional, you can get paid hospitality internships in U.S. Hotels and Resorts. With HPUSA you’ll receive on-the-job training, build career experience, and improve your professional skills while growing your resume and broadening your horizons. Traveling to the United States can be the start of your new career.

Additionally, since the hospitality industry is quickly changing all over the world and becoming more complex and highly technological, new experiences and skills are essential to streamlining your career in the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, we have a variety of paid hospitality internships opportunities in luxury hotels and resorts in the USA. Offering affordable programs, and fast high-quality service during the entire placement and visa process, we are your best partner to prepare, guide and support you on your J-1 Cultural Exchange journey to the United States!To learn more about your unique journey, simply choose the country you will be coming from below. When your’e ready, learn how to apply here.