Kriztal’s Cultural Exchange Success Story

Kriztal participated in the J-1 Cultural Exchange program in 2016 at one of our luxury Sheraton resorts in sunny Orlando, Florida! She truly made the most out of her opportunity to expand her hospitality career and participate in cultural activities while embracing American culture. She even received an Associate Recognition Award while on her program!

What was the name of your host company?
Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort


When did you complete your program?

Did you use your 30 day grace period to travel after your program? If so, where did you travel to? 
No. Since Orlando is the Theme Park Capital of the World I just enjoyed all the parks and all the good restaurants.

What was the best part about being on the J-1 Cultural Exchange Program? 
I met different people who became my real good friends up to this day.

What were some of the best cultural activities in the USA, specifically in Orlando, Florida that you participated in?
Fourth of July, Trick or treating at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

What are you doing now? How did the J-1 Cultural Exchange Program help you move forward in your career?
I work full-time now in a renowned brand hotel. Embracing cultural differences has helped me to grow professionally and personally.

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