Finding the right agency to facilitate your J1 visa process is perhaps the most important decision you will make before you embark on this journey of a lifetime. Choosing the right agency to hitch your dreams to, could be the difference between a smooth and successful ride or a bumpy stop and start nightmare you want to get off.

Each year, there are around 35,000 interns and trainees that travel to the United States under the J1 Exchange Visitor Program.

Each applicant has many choices when it comes to deciding which agency can best help them navigate through the daunting process to secure their J1 visa.

What are the benefits of using a US based agency?

There are definitive pros to allowing a US based agency to guide you through the application and sponsorship process and to increase your chances of securing your J1 visa. Let HPUSA break it down for you.

Learn about the pros of using a USA based agency!

Money talks!

A US based agency can generally offer cheaper J1 Visa Program fees. Why? Because there are no “middleman” fees. You are not paying a third party recruiter in your home country to tell you about the program and then hand you over to your US based agent. Applying directly to HPUSA means you can skip the recruiter and skip the additional fees.

A US based agency will not ask for Contract Bonds or medical examinations and will allow you the freedom to book your own flights and search out the best travel deals.

No in person meet and greet required!

A US based agent is equipped to do everything efficiently and accurately online via email correspondence and Skype webcam. You won’t need to travel to a physical office.

Real relationships make the difference!

Using a US agent that has real relationships with State Designated Sponsor Organizations and US based Hotels and Resorts is the golden ticket to acquiring accurate information. Why wait in line for the ride of your lifetime, when a US based agent can take you to the front of the line.

The US based agent will ensure:

  • The intern has an onsite supervisor who can provide one-on-one guidance
  • The host employer follows the training material
  • You are receiving the correct stipend, hours per week and paying only the required taxes
  • The host employer meets all federal and state wage and labor laws
  • There is an emphasize on the cultural exchange aspect of the program.

Real time support

A US based agency can provide a fast and efficient service and start you on your journey to the USA before you can say “Geronimo”. They will also provide 24 hour real time support while on program in the US. Got a problem? Who ya gonna call?

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Don’t forget, all placements include airport pick up, up to 2 weeks free hotel accommodation upon arrival, some meals plus other benefits!

The J1 Visa Process is not easy so let the US based experts do the hard work for you. We are ready to hold your hand virtually and help you every step of the way. Buckle up and adjust your smile, are you ready to lift off?

Hospitality Placements (HPUSA) was created in 2004 and has locations in both Australia and the United States. For more than 10 years, Hospitality Placements USA has provided successful international cultural exchange programs.

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If you’re looking to further your career in the hospitality industry, be confident in using a US based agent APPLY NOW to begin the journey of a lifetime!