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Congratulations from HPUSA on finishing your J-1 cultural exchange program in the USA! Every participant who successfully completes their J-1 program will receive an official HPUSA Certificate of Accomplishment. Your host employer may also provide you with a certificate.

Be sure to keep in touch with HPUSA and all of the friends and colleagues you have made during your time in the United States! Be sure to get involved with the HPUSA Alumni Network near the end of your program or as soon as you return home to keep in touch.

Many participants share their experiences with pictures and a short summary of their time. Please send us a photo along with an update once you return to your home country and we will feature you in our Alumni Spotlight on our Facebook page. Visit the HPUSA Facebook page and “like” us on Facebook: @HospitalityPlacementsUSA

Your journey doesn’t have to end when your program does. There are more opportunities for you to expand on what you learned and help others that are just now starting their journey as well.