If your university offers degrees in the hospitality industry, it’s important for you to be aware of the United States’ J-1 training program. You have the opportunity to provide additional benefit to your students and help your faculty and administrators gain invaluable insights.

Your students will gain real-world experience working in luxury hotels in highly-sought-after cities throughout the US. Students will be able to apply the skills that you have taught them and further develop their expertise through hands-on practice under close supervision.

There are many more benefits to recommending that your students participate in the J-1 internship program. Here are five of the most popular.

5 Ways Your University Benefits from Hospitality Industry J-1 Programs

Your students aren’t the only ones that benefit from J-1 internships in the United States — your university can achieve quite a few perks as well.

1. You Can Improve Your Program Based on Real Experience

As a university, students expect to go through your program and be prepared for a career in the real world. They expect to learn the skills needed to succeed. However, most university programs don’t include any real-world experience. If they do, it’s very minimal and in a more academic setting.

Job seekers agree that a lack of on-the-job training is the source of the skills gap from education to employment.

Students that participate in the J-1 program can provide feedback on how well they were able to transition into an actual workplace setting. You also get the confidence in knowing that they are still in a training program that provides the support that they need to succeed.

2. You Can Assess Student’s Skills Before and After

When your university collaborates with our team at HPUSA to send students to the U.S. for training, you have the ability to test their skills.

You can conduct a skills assessment before they hop on a plane and begin the program. Once the program is completed, the student can complete another skills assessment.

You can compare their results from the first assessment to the second to determine if this program truly helps grow their skills. You can also look at the areas that were improved and consider ways to adjust your own programs to better train those skills before they graduate.

3. You Can Achieve Accreditation

Many universities will seek out academic accreditation. This process will compare you to other established national and international standards.

Accreditation organizations will ask for information about your student internships. If your students are participating in the J-1 program, you stand a better chance of being accredited, and thereby earning additional reputation, on a national and international level.

4. You Can Gain Recognition in National Publications

When your university has students participating in the J-1 program, you can report the number of internships held to national and international publications.

Recognition in prominent publications can lead to an increase in your national rankings and add additional value to your degree programs.

5. You Can Improve Your Relationships with Employers

The number one reason that students go to your university is to achieve a career when they are done. Many universities recognize this and create relationships with employers to help students find job placements after they graduate.

Nearly half of all employers think that candidates are lacking the skills they need to do the job. Additionally, more than half of job seekers blame their education and lack of on-the-job training for their skill deficit.

Employers will always prefer students with a solid education who also have real-world experience. Because the hospitality industry serves customers across the world, employers will also prefer hiring graduates that have gained experience working in other countries — like the United States.

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Your university benefits greatly by sending your students to the United States to participate in a J-1 internship program in the US.

At HPUSA, we partner with accredited universities just like yours to assist your students and alumni in furthering their hospitality careers. We help recruit aspiring young students and recent graduates for paid hands-on training in 4 and 5-star renowned hotels in the United States — including Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, and many more.

Interns and trainees will have an opportunity to enhance their skills across a variety of specialties.

  • Rooms Division: Front Office, Concierge, Reservations, At Your Service, Phone Operator / PBX, Night Audit
  • Food & Beverage: Service, Host / Hostess, Dining Room Attendant, Banquets and Events, In-Room Dining
  • Culinary: All levels available for American and Fine Dining hotels and resorts in the US

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