How Does the J1 Cultural Exchange Program Work?

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What to Expect
getting started...
Week 1

You will learn about the program by reading HPUSA website information — including FAQs. You will be able to ask us any questions you have while you're working on completing your online application and uploading your registration documents.

Week 2

You will complete a Skype Welcome and Registration Interview with HPUSA. You'll sign the HPUSA Participant Confirmation and Terms & Conditions. You'll have the option to either pay the full program fee at this stage or just pay the $600 USD registration fee.

Week 3

We will begin scheduling Skype webcam interviews with potential host employers. If successful, we will confirm your placement offer and training plan for signing. Any remaining program fees are due to be paid now.

Weeks 4 to 7

We will upload your application and signed documents for sponsor processing. This may include a Skype interview with the sponsor and completing an online orientation quiz.

Week 8

We will confirm when the DS kit is ready to be sent.

Week 9

You will receive your DS kit and follow the instructions to book your Embassy interview. You will pay the SEVIS fee of $180 USD plus the Embassy interview fee of $160 USD and complete your DS-160 Form.

Week 11

Your passport with stamped visa is returned after 1 week. You will attend pre-departure orientation if your country requires it, then you can book your flight and head off to the USA!


Thank you for such a rewarding experience.

Thank you to HPUSA and your team for making my USA Internship experience so rewarding. I had so much fun and learnt a great deal at the Marriott San Diego. I’m looking forward to continuing my career growth back home.

Damien Welsh

Thank you for help with my J1 cultural Exchange Visa

Allow me to thank you once again for having given the opportunity to complete my J1 Exchange Training at your reputed organization. I also have to say, if it would not have been for Hospitality Placement USA, who assisted me right from the beginning until now in my VISA Process, I would not have been able to successfully secure my J1 Cultural Exchange Visa, which I did with no hassles at all.

Deepak Mishra

I wouldn’t be successful if not because of your team’s effort.

Dear Ms. Emma,
Good news, I passed on my Embassy Interview and this wouldn’t be successful if not because of your team’s effort. Thank you so much and God bless

Kathrine Joy Sorongon

You made my dreams come true!

Thanks a lot for your support and guidance. You made my dream come true, ma’am. I have experienced first snow in Vernon, NJ, USA for the first time in my life. Thanks to HPUSA for guiding me all the way to my culinary journey in United States of America!! My training is going well. It’s very useful for me to make my career stronger and better. I am learning and experiencing many new things which I had not come across so far. Thank you HPUSA for providing me such a wonderful opportunity.

Ashok Saripalli

We came here to build our skills to our chosen field and it has helped us a lot!

We came here to build our skills to our chosen field and it has helped us a lot! They help us to develop our skills, knowledge, character and to deal with the different people in the hospitality industry! We have experienced different cultures and got a chance to travel different states. We united as one big family and this is only some of the pictures of our memorable moments that we will treasure forever! Thank you so much HPUSA for giving us this great opportunity!

Marriott Pennsylvania HPUSA Cultural Exchange Participants
international students with computers at library
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