If they do not already have a social security number, participants will be instructed to apply for one after they arrive in the United States. We will provide them with a form to complete and take to the nearest social security office.

When an intern/trainee arrives in the United States they must contact their sponsor within 24 hours so that we can validate his/her arrival in the government database, SEVIS. An intern/trainee will show up as “active” in the government database within approximately 10 days of validation.

We recommend that intern/trainees wait at least (5) days after reporting their US arrival to their sponsor before applying for a social security number. This will allow enough time for Social Security to be made aware of the participant information in the SEVIS database and will prevent possible delay in the receipt of their Social Security card.

Participants should apply in person at a local Social Security office with the following documents:

  • Proof of identity such as a valid passport or birth certificate
  • Work authorization or proof of eligibility to be in the U.S. such as Form I-94
  • Form DS-2019

The participant will receive a receipt of application which will serve as proof of application until they receive their actual Social Security card. A copy of the participant’s SS application receipt serves as documentation of application for the participant’s TIN.

If a participant has already been assigned the Social Security number during a prior stay in the United States, that number is still valid. In this case, the participant does not need to apply for a new Social Security number.