The participants are responsible for their own accommodation and transportation for the duration of the training program. All hotels provide at least two weeks accommodation at the hotel upon arrival, then the participants MUST find their own suitable accommodation. Any assistance you can provide the participant in finding suitable accommodation near the hotel is expected and appreciated.

If you refer them to housing in your area, please ensure the housing meets all federal, state, and local standards for health and safety. Assist participants in their search for acceptable housing by showing them the most effective resources to use in your area such as newspapers, websites or message boards. All participants are advised to arrive in the USA with at least $1,500 in order for them to secure housing immediately. Apartment complexes will not accept an intern without a social security card. However, they do accept a verification of employment from the property to assist them to secure housing.

Acceptable housing is defined as:

  • Meeting all federal, state, and local standards for health and safety.
  • Short-term, weekly or monthly lease
  • Located near grocery shopping, laundry, and recreational opportunities.
  • Convenient access to reliable public transportation.
  • Partially furnished