Young girl excited about career in hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It provides individuals with a variety of skills and passions with the opportunity to find a career that they enjoy.

From culinary to management and everything in between, there’s a place for everyone.

But, how to get into the hotel industry and find a success?

We’ve worked with thousands of aspiring young students just like you that are looking at ways to further their career in the hospitality industry and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Keep reading and we’ll show you some of our top tips.

How to Build a Successful Career in the Hospitality Industry

There are two sides to the hospitality industry — front-end operations interacting with customers and back-end positions that keep the hotel or resort running smoothly. You can work as a typical employee or pursue a career in management.

These tips will help you along any career path in hospitality industry you choose.

Find a Specialization that Matches Your Skillset and Desires

You are a unique individual with passions, dreams, and skills. For you to be successful, you have to find the right career path in hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is large and includes everything from small bed and breakfast establishments to mega-hotel casinos and luxury resorts. Your day-to-day requirements and experiences will be significantly different based on the type of company that you choose to work for.

Choose the education and experience path that sets you towards your career goals in hospitality industry.

For example, if you dream to manage the front desk at a luxury resort, you could pursue a degree in Hotel Management or Tourism Management. You can also seek internships or traineeships at top resorts.

Get Hands-On Experience

First-hand experience is crucial to building your resume. Future employers will want to see that you have previous experience in the field that you are looking to apply for.

Successful hotels and resorts are built on the backs of a myriad of workers in different positions throughout the hotels. Each person has a job to do to keep guests checking in, checking out, and enjoying a comfortable stay.

If you’re seeking a management position, your future employer will want to know that you understand what it takes to keep the hotel running smoothly. You should have insights into how to keep everyone happy and working as expected.

Your experience working in at least some of these positions or participating in a traineeship or internship can give you the advantage that you need to secure a spot in your ideal hotel.

Travel Abroad for Training

Exchange programs that are focused on career growth can provide the catalyst that you need to grow personally and professionally.

You’ll have an opportunity to improve your English proficiency, experience a new culture, expand your professional network, and create relationships with new friends and mentors.

The United State’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program gives more than 300,000 visitors per year the opportunity to experience US society and culture.

This additional experience can really help set you apart from the crowd of other applicants when you get back home. You’ll have experience on your resume — but it’s more than that. You’ll have first-hand experience with other cultures.

For a career in the hospitality industry, this experience is invaluable.

Many countries and cities around the world are destinations for English-speaking and US tourists. If you have experience in the US and the ability to refine your English skills, that gives you a distinct advantage over other applicants.

J-1 Training Program

If traveling to the US is something that you feel will further your career in the hospitality industry, then there are a variety of resources out there to help you.

We provide information on our website for all stages of your journey, including:

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