HPUSA Current Participants

Welcome to the United States!

We are so excited for you to begin your J1 cultural exchange program in the USA! Please note we want to ensure that you enjoy a safe and successful J1 cultural exchange training program.

Upon your arrival to the USA, you will need to CLICK HERE review the HPUSA Welcome to USA information. This includes details on the next few steps you need to take as you begin this journey as well as important information to remember while on program.

During your program the following pages are available for your reference and should answer general questions that may arise during your cultural exchange training program in the USA. You should read through each section carefully.

For additional questions, please CLICK HERE and a HPUSA Team Member will respond to you personally.

What Participants Say

“We came here to build our skills to our chosen field and it has helped us a lot! The HPUSA J1 Program helped us to develop our skills, knowledge, character and to deal with the different people in the hospitality industry! We have experienced different cultures and even got a chance to travel different states. Thank you so much HPUSA for giving us this great opportunity!”

Marriott Pennsylvania
HPUSA Participants