Benefits of Hiring A J-1 Intern or Trainee

Why should you host a J-1 intern or trainee at your Company?

Hosting not only gives the intern or trainee an amazing opportunity to learn about life and work in the United States, but it also brings an array of benefits to your company as well. The purpose of the J1 Cultural Exchange Intern/Trainee Program is to provide international university students and young professionals with opportunities to obtain practical training in their chosen field in the U.S. The participants benefit by obtaining valuable professional experience and employers benefits from added diversity and new perspectives. Interns and trainees who participate in J-1 programs are dedicated to learning about American culture and values, as well as sharing the culture and values of their home country with you and your team.

Full Recruitment Service

Hospitality Placements USA provides hotels with experienced young professionals from around the world. We will recruit and screen all participants, coordinate interviews, and help with the offer process. We act as a liaison between the J1 cultural exchange participant, the sponsor and the host employer. This is a free service to you, the employer. From the beginning of the recruitment process through the completion of the J-1 program, HPUSA is always here as a partner and a resource.

Increase Workplace Diversity

Diversify your workplace by welcoming different cultures. International participants contribute diversity, cultural knowledge and an international perspective to your company. Your American employees will benefit from learning about different cultures and will gain a fresh perspective on their jobs.

Improve Customer Service

Gain high-quality and highly motivated multilingual staff. All participants are fluent in English, many are multi-lingual, and all are highly skilled young professionals. If your company has a culturally diverse client base, your international participant’s cultural knowledge and language abilities will help you in serving your clientele.

Increase International Business Potential

If your company is planning to internationalize, hosting an international trainee is a great way to learn about international business practices and increase cultural awareness.

What Hosts Say

“It is your relationship and service that I appreciate the most with your company.  Take care, and do not hesitate to have anyone reach out to me for reference for your company’s services.”

Eric Welch
Embassy Suites Detroit-Troy/Auburn Hills